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The Twilight World of Marjorie Finn - the Cave

MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_BG50; MotherEarth_Part1_bg18; MotherEarth_Part2_bg12; MotherEarth_Part1_bg16 MJ Bat The Entire Shop bats My rocks Magical Reality lamps and candles Inky Deals Magic Pixie Dust; magic fireflies GTD_GRUNGE_COLL_10 2LO Mystifying 11

Mystic Christmas Snow
An Unkindness of Ravens

MJ model - This AI model was a challenge to extract, and required a few days of revisiting. I then took portions of it, and incorporated them back into the figure. Although AI gave me an interesting model, there was still a good deal of creative editing required. GTD_TEVUD_COLLAGE_05 black and blue grunge Julie Mead Curly Curls brushes 125 Light Leaks Photo Overlays 120 MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_Birds BernieTuffs_Remembrance7 2LO Unearthly 2 2LO Border Frames 9 My splatter brushes


A tribute to Cheryl Tarrant, who gave us so many beautiful textures. You will be missed. Textures by Cheryl Tarrant Allegory watercolor flowers MBtheM_Blossom_character4 jmadd-mmedia-birds-5 FS_Aisling_Bird 1 Design Bundles Gentle Flowers

Steampunk Flower

CJM GiGi Set3 7 itKuPiLLi_Coincidental_Papers_07, 08 MJ Sunflower and fins FS_Partical Pieces5 arock_CUapril_Distressedoverlays (15)

Myriani white

AI Midjourney model and wings o12-WLGHjbC0Cq4- sky unsplash pixabay sky-1209481 Designer Candies feathers My feathers Dave Seeram Fine Art template textures and overlays


Blurgrounds My skies Backgrounds, clouds, skies and overlays - Collin, MRD, foxeysquirrel, Julie Mead, suna-kosem, vector dead trees, CJM, Anna Aspnes, MJ bat wings Colby Files model Laura (207 of 280)


Midjourney AI Model, with modifications daniel-lincoln-wF9PZkQLpZs-unsplash FS_everly_background 6 Inky Deals lightning overlays, light overlays My stars MRD_LoveUmama_E76 ribbon Elements - GTD_CW_EL_64, 68, 87, 97, 99 - itKuPiLLi_CrackedNutsDark_Doll_3 - FS_Masked_Ball_Man_Mask_On_Stand Butterflies - FS_Kelpie_butterfly 1, FS_A_Wild_Hare_2_Butterfly 2, FS_Alisa_Butterfly 6, FS_Cupids_Dart_Butterfly, FS_MacKenzi_Butterfly 4 Awake 10 PaperEdges6


Midjourney AI generated model; various resources


Made using foxeysquirrel’s FS-Modern-Jazz-2- Backgrounds, FS-KelpieGals-4, FS-Modern-Jazz-2- Background, FS_A_Wild_Hare_butterfly_1, FS_dignified_Butterfly 2, FS_Butterfly Effect 6, FS_Alisa_Butterfly 6, FS-Edgy-Overlay- 11, 12, FS_Unsinkable_Butterfly 5, and my model

When I Dream
All That Glitters
Touch sketch
With All Your Light
Where Are You Going, Little Miss_
When He Calls
Wading Whimsy
Vanessa Cardui
the Sea Gate
The Savage Beast
There Was Joy

A tribute to Billa Bozem. Her art was nothing short of inspirational. We will miss her forever. Bernie Tuffs (2) background texture Colby Files Mia dancing with violin (9 of 29) FS Billa’s Touch Kits CJMsmoke My bokeh

The Farmers Wife
The Bride
Teddy Love
Summer Rain
Secret Kept
Raise Me Up
My Girl in the Marsh
(Don't) Look Away
Dropped Off
Bride Interrupted
As I Walked on the Beach
Afraid to Look Away
Spring Lies Sleeping
Spring Awakens
Over the Moon
By Moonlight
Aurora Watches
The Veils
Little Nell
Meme and Chit Chat
La Balance
Wish Upon a Star
Lauren in Winter
In the Quiet of the Winter Woods

Multiple resources - Magical Reality Designs, Twigs and Twine, foxeysquirrel, Inky Deals, Design Bundles, Creative Market, frost textures


pallas_57_by_mjranum_stock_d149i3o ( Clinton Lofthouse historic english abbey pack 2 (215) copy 2 FS_Foggy_Overlay1, 2, 3 barbarian_warrior___27_by_mjranum_stock_d1ac5s0 ( pixabay horse-3189759 green 7th avenue gold8 Zeppelin Graphics gold-metallic-49; silver-metallic-28 Pngtree shining stars_5054263 Natural_Sun_Light 46 DT-STARK-WINTER-5 PhilClarkFract11

Faded Memory

sinned_angel_by_mjranum_d1kgkpf; Marcus Ranum, DeviantArt FS_Agriculture_Background 3 FS_Mia_Light FS_Cailin_Light_Swirl FS_Strangeness_Lights FS_Alisa_Special lights FS_Giver_Butterfly FS_Butterfly Effect 2 FS_forest_Lights 3 FS_Secrecy_Wings FS_Lilavati_wings 2 Flypaper Background 5 FS_After_Dark_Background_5


My Textures, photos, fractals Magical Reality shortcut by Marcus Ranum PNGTree Pixelo Inky Deals Feathers Designer Candies Chroma Supply Design Cuts foxeysquirrel Georgiana vignette grunge


savanna-watercolor-background 2, 3 Colby Files Lesslee long gown (19 of 47) savanna-watercolor element_1, 2, 7, 10, 11 Designnina Cheetah-Portrait-Black-detail; Cheetah-Portrait-Gold-detail; element 7, 20 9075OAWA-WatercolourTexturesVol01-4, 5 Pngtree-c4d simulation realistic planet earth_4463119; blue flame ball Gentle Flowers 1 2LO Painted 11


Colby Files Angela_(20_of_90) designtnt-textures-steel-set-2-12 015 FS_Unsinkable_smoke_63 ColorPowder-OnlyPowder-14 ColorPowder-WithModel-19 FS_Cerella_Cloud MagicalReality_RealisticFlamesSet2_5, 6, 9, 11 MixPixBox Pink_Fabric FS_Partical Pieces4 NKate Smoky Ink Background Night Sky Star Patterns 10, 16


FS_Disrepair_Background_15 CJMGothicOverlay2 CJMGothicLight1s Model free_flight_by_mjranum_stock_d5wrezr - ID Fire Flares 1 My photo of cat FS_everly_flower 2 GTD_ATLT_PA_05, _09, _10 GTD_ATLT_EL_35, 125 GTD_NTS_RR_EL_85, 12, 82 GTD_ATLT_EL_59, 106, 90 FS_everly_plant 1 Kpertiet_Finley_Scatterings-5 MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_roots overlay MagicalReality_TheMist_e42. _e48, e46 CJMFireStorm7, 2 Inky Deals Evil Entity 14 In


FS_everly_background 9 My photo RAWexchange-AutumnLeafs_105 MRD_PeacefulWinter_brown bird 6 Inky Deals autumn leaves overlays jmadd-mmedia-birds-4 MRD_PeacefulWinter_brown bird 3 Inky Deals funny bubbles 5-3 arock_CUalledgedup (2) Inky Deals Watercolor-Arsenal Abstract Watercolor 04 Colby Files untitled_(373_of_381)


Model Masterson_Set3_3 FS_Unsinkable_Light Woody PS Design Kit Chain7 My textures Inky Deals pixie dust overlays Inky Deals firefly overlays DesignBundles-Cinematic_Dust_Scratch Images Awake10_EdgesAndGrunge PaperEdges6 underwater-photo-of-woman-Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels


Colby Files RavenLexy1 FS_Disrepair_Background_2, 7 Fine Art III Modern Design background 9 MET black cape dress 2LO Obsidian 31 FrenchKiss_Manon My fractals Inky Deals fireflies 8, 19 Graphic Spirit Elegance Bokeh 1(33, 36) Mix-Pix-Box Bokeh 3 Bernie Tuffs (39) Mermaid Texture 16 Inky Deals Grainy Vignettes Photo Overlays 6


My photo Fine Art III Modern Design Background 10 FS_dignified_Background_3 Imanginasty Water 4 MagicalReality_Imagination_Add_On_Kit_17 MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E42 FS_Unsinkable_Bubbles 1 FS_Linen_Fish 4 52-2018-No-32-FoxeySquirrel-Atlantis-Fish 8 Gold_Satin_19, 33, 13, 2, 1 Inky Deals Bubbles 107 Catherine Wheel Fish 1 Pngtree-bubble white blisters flying transparent_4030869 FS_dignified_Background_2 FS_Aisling_Background 11 FS_Aisling_Background 1 GrungeEdge06


Untitled-1 jelly-fish-1288736_1920 astronomy-1869760_1920 iceland-2608985_1920 dawn-3846778_1920 Fairy_011 jellyfish-2335650_1920 CJM GothicStars9 mother-4054863_1280 mother and child pixabay CJM_EchosOfGrunge22 bokeh-313994_1920 DSC_6708 CJM_PolyGlow31 fog-1959216_1920 star-trails

The Bubble

All my own photos and textures, with me as the model. The Bubble

Music Moves Mountains

My photos Colby Files Janessa_red_gown_(38_of_38) 2LO Chestnut 5; 2LO Everett 12

The Studio

Decayed room - pripyat___21_by_mjranum_stock_d4hqi6a Model - star_swept___8_by_mjranum_stock_d56ouxj Clinton Lofthouse hidden woodland, beach and waterfall pack (14) CJMGradient3 FS_Coolness_7 Hair Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash kalisa-veer-361017 colour Inky overlays BernieTuffs_Textures (93, 97)

Dance Me into a Dream

Magical Reality The Mist kit 1 Shift+Art+Shop+Free+Samples Earth-Goddess-643

Ulfhild - Keeper of the Hidden Heart

CJM_Worlds36 boat-164989 sky-4237062_1920 pendant-2885040_1920 plane-828826_1920 Viking2524 ocean-918897_1920 Dappled light forest pack 1 (16) Inky Deals dragon egg 30 lamp-639489_1920 heart


Hazel Blake Avalon P6170083 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e6, e46, e60, e73 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E112 WinterQuestEle_14_juliemead Inky Deals white Christmas 1, 2, 15 Inky Deals Snow overlay 9, 15, 23 MRD_PeacefulWinter hanging blue stars MixPixBox background 2 FS_Overlay 1, 5; archaic_overlay 1 copy Cisco Textures by Brian Matiash Striations AWintersLullaby_MagicalReality_E26


GTD Tapestry Tales 3

Bits and Pieces

SueMastersonModels-14 Fine Art III Modern Design Set 9 My texture FS_Partical Pieces7 AASPN_ArtPlayPalettePierian_Transfer1 FS Painted 2 Inky Deals Blood 17 Inky Deals Rain 48 MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E125 PS Studio Mirror Inky Deals Canvas and Wash Textures (Watercolor Painting Studio Vol. 01)


ocean-water-during-yellow-sunset-747016 Imanginasty water 1, 2 TR_Cloud1 My boat My sea foam Inky Deals realistic smoke 5, 8, 26, 54, 55, 64, Inky Deals Bubble Overlay 85, 96 MRD_PeacefulWinter_sparkle trail MRD_PeacefulWinter_white birds MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E13 Clifton Lofthouse sea and waves pack 1 (31) Colby Files Jasmine_in_rainy_window_(33_of_43) PhotoSerge-RainBrushes_05 2LO Artist 1 Awake 1


Jamari Lior 73 2LO Renaissance 1 itKuPiLLi_Prelude_Wings GTD_HB_01, 03 itKuPiLLi_Impromptu_Tin_2 KPertiet_LetterBoxBrushesNo4-16 itKuPiLLi_Impromptu_Paper_6 2LO Renaissance 20, 23, 25 MagicalReality_SpringFlorals2e8 itKuPiLLi_Nocturne_Crow maya_cu_writtenword_04 AASPN_ArtPlayMiniJocund_ArtsyPaper1 Awake 10 PaperEdges1


Colby Files Erica dark beauty set2 (15 of 19) Inky Deals Watercolor-Painting-Studio-Vol.-01 Inky Deals various watercolour florals, textures and overlays

Girl Unknown

Colby Files Yuni (56 of 202) My Fractals

When He Calls

When He calls, we are borne aloft on angels’ wings. CJM, DT, MRD, Julie Mead, itKuPiLLi, Tangie, Inky Deals, Kaizen, 2LO

The Veil

azamat-zhanisov-1281841-unsplash My Fractals

Wistful Thinking

Wistful Thinking My Photo and textures ODC witchwood_0039_ink-2 Bundlestorm blue-abstract-background-big 202 Shiny Backgrounds Serpentine 16 EvgeniiasArt Magical Winter Bundle Background 02 EvgeniiasArt Magical Winter Bundle element_watercolor_1, 6, 24 Vibrations Rule By Art 21 copy Clinton Lofthouse historic english abbey pack 2 (196, 232) 2LO Wild Paint 7 2LO Border Frames 1

The Savage Beast

Clinton Lofthouse historic english abbey pack 2 (25, 70,241) JillCatrinel_EtherealPaintedBackground03 JVH-Awake1-DigitalPapers16 holger-link-726587-unsplash eagle cry Jessica Drossin fog 2 FS_Canvas 2 GTD_GRUNGE_COLL_18 CJMAngelStone23 Inky Deals Evil Hug 18 Inky Deals Evil Entity 20


My own photos and model Inky deals Firefires 16, 23; fog 7 Inky Deals Graphic Fusion Cruzine Overlay B058 Filters and Blends


My Photos, Fractals Colby Files Laura242 Inky Deals Bokeh overlay 1, clipart 18 Eva Katrina Butterfly, Rose, Raspberry DesignBundles violets DesignerCandiesFoliage Eclectic Anthology floral-botanicals(3)-5, EA-fl-5 MagicalReality_SpringFlorals1e4sh, 2e8 Inky Deals 110 Flare and Haze 56 pixabay gardenias Octopus Artis LeafyFloralElements_18 Pertiet StudioDD_CUGardenGreeneryNo7-3 FaeryDesign_High-Tech-Circles 1 DioFlo - LilyOfTheValley, Fern, Grape, Baby's Breath, Sunflower, Tropical Leaves

Sitting with a Friend

My photo and fractals Creative Market 12 watercolor ombre background 11 Inky Deals Flying Bokeh 18 FoxeySquirrel-Atlantis-Background 3 NKate Smoky Ink Background 12 Inky Deals 65 Realistic Smoke Overlay 5 ArtistMef Glitch 28 Hot Pixels 63 Awesome Backgrounds Cinematic4 extracted arock_CUdesigneroverlays34 (7)

Light on the Forest Path

Nebula 2253941 pixabay carina nebula 11189 pixabay orion nebula 11001 pixabay forest-1345719_1920 pixabay 75-Floating-Dust-Photo-Overlays-MixPixBox 24 maureenolderstock leaves light_on_her_feet_by_twilitesmuse-d4qjze1

Take My Breath
Life as a Train

Colby Files Laura (88 of 280) 108-Metalic-Color-Backgrounds 003 Vintage_Blueprints (43) MagicalReality_Mechanical_overlay35, 5, 4, 36 Vintage_Blueprints (43)


FS_Butterflying_14 FS_Dark Feathers 1, 4 52-2018-No-32-FoxeySquirrel-Atlantis-Splatter, Flower FS_Kelpie_Flower 5, 6 FS_Butterflying_14 FS_Cailin_Gesso_3 FS_Damsel_In_Distress_4 FS_Kelpie_Sun FS_Lilavati_Leaf FS_Clocks_and_Locks 5 FS_Golden_9

Bron in Textures
Astrophel, Lover of Stars

Colby Files untitled (142 of 489)-(ZF-2708-86347-1-003) joel-filipe-191372-unsplash MagicalReality_Evelina_BG13 Paper6 CJM Sybaritic11 Hot Pixels Stars 2, 4, 5 Inky Deals Stars 3 Inky Deals particles 6 Inky Deals Deep Space 02, 08, 30 Inky Deals electricity 7, 9 kira-auf-der-heide-328662-unsplash hand


Made using various Foxey Squirrel kits

Tick Tock - Stop the Clock

Made using Foxey Squirrel's Masked Ball kits

Portrait of a Clock

Made using various Foxey Squirrel kits.

We Don't Mind the Rain

Made using various Foxey Squirrel kits.

The Heart Also.

Made using Foxey Squirrel's Summer Solstice kit

Memory Keeper

Made using Foxey Squirrel's Pale kit


Made using various Foxey Squirrel kits.


Download available on Etsy Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash kevin-lee-89432 FS_enchantment_Background 1, 5 aleksandr-ledogorov-310150-unsplash dandelion MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E134 Eclectic Anthology WatercolourFloralElements_17 WatercolourFloralElements_12 GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_BG_19 Inky Deals Natural Sunlight 55 Inky Deals Magic Fireflies 5

Old Moonlight

Jamari Lior 17 SueMastersonModels-15 Inky Deals Blurred 37 Inky Deals Northern Night 11 Inky Deals Natural Sunlight 8 Inky Deals color wave 19 Inky Deals Pixie Dust 32 Inky Deals pulsar 21 My photos


She is so caught up in her imperfections that she fails to see her beauty.... FS_enchantment_Background 6 My photos Colby Files Luxbot Pant Suit (26) (20 of 25) MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_pink watercolor flower, _green splatter GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_EL_52, _PA_07 GTD_BUTTERFLY_BLEND_01, FBF_EL_05 GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_EL_50 FS_Petals 3, 5 Inky Deals Sun 30


Sirocco Colby Files Athena (21 of 22) MagicalReality_BlackSwan_BG_3, _21 MagicalReality_AsLuckWouldHaveIt_E21, E36, E41, E90, E60, E91 MagicalReality_Evelina_yellow butterfly MagicalReality_BlackWidow_frame1 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_net1, 2, 3 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E46, _E5,9 _E108 FS_Enchantment_flower 8 Tangie_CompendiumNo1_FloralTranfers_2

Pretty Ballerina

Pixabay ballet-2789416 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_BG14, 15, E23 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e26, 33, 53, 74 So Nice Be Wild and Free Elements 1 tbc_ww_accenPts_01, 02 Free water-png-712 Inky Deals 20 falling petals 4, 6, 7 My photo

Rails in Winter

photo serge grunge-26 pexels-photo-296906 railway max-nguyen-550298-unsplash woman FragileSpheres_05_jmead pexels-photo-225006 frost WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_p10, p2 Pix Mix Box winter Frame_9 FragileSpheres_07_jmead My photos

Light on the Forest Path

Nebula 2253941 pixabay carina nebula 11189 pixabay orion nebula 11001 pixabay forest-1345719_1920 pixabay 75-Floating-Dust-Photo-Overlays-MixPixBox 24 maureenolderstock leaves light_on_her_feet_by_twilitesmuse-d4qjze1

Washed Away

Inky Deals Glitter Effect 63 Colby Files Chelsea Topless Floor Poses (8 of 15) FS_Petals 5, 6 Hot Pixels LightRays6 Designer Candies Foliage 1 Deisgner Candies Foliage 1_angle 2 My photos

Zen Pool

Inky Deals Glitter Effect 63 Colby Files Chelsea Topless Floor Poses (8 of 15) FS_Petals 5, 6 Hot Pixels LightRays6 Designer Candies Foliage 1 Deisgner Candies Foliage 1_angle 2 My photos

Paint and Flames

Watercolor-Portrait-Photo-Template watercolour portrait variation 1 Pixabay model-3019821 TR_Watercolor 9, 10, 13 Awake11_FS_Pigment 3, 6, 14 tangie_CompendiumNo1_WatercolorScraps_1, _3, _9 2LO Artist 1 My flames and fractals


CJM Sybaritic 9, 5 Inky Deals 60_Natural_Sun_Light 58 AnnaAspnes_ArtPlayPaletteSonoma_Transfer1 Inky Deals 100_Glitter_Effect_ Photoshop_ Overlays 68, 65, 7 Rebecca_UrbonologyOne_CircleCollage Graphic Vector Sets Vector13-2 TR Tree 4, 5 Foxey Grunge Photoshopgrungeclass_06, 11, 13 Anja 9075OAWA WatercolourTexturesVol01-9 My photo and model

One Step from Grace

MagicalReality_Evelina_water, blue wings Earth-608344-unsplash Space-Watercolor-Backgrounds-Artismef 1 Raw Exchange fledermauswings3d Raw Exchange wingsneuschraeg Colby Files Laura Nude Set Gels (Nudity Warning) (3 of 18) Arms cherry-laithang-312590-unsplash Awake23_pheasant feathers 3 Hot Pixels Stars (5) Inky Deals stars 32 Gian-359346-unsplash My photos

My Forest - My Rules

MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_Vivid glow agnesingap_paper_CU_vol78 (2) Pixel Buddah -Arctic Frost Textures 6 -Woodland Ravens Field 2, 3, wreath -Woodland Ravens textures 1, 8 -Spectral Microworld Shapes 9 -Watercolor Deer nasa-43980, 53881-unsplash Photo by jessy-paston-127537-unsplash MRD_LoveUMama_Backgrounds8 Design Cuts Beautiful-Watercolor-Butterflies-Knopazyzy Butterfly 3 My photo and model

Mystery Warrior

Filters My photo and model

It Flies

Colby Files Karla Beauty Blue Open Shirt (1 of 14) CJM_Molten9 MagicalReality_SavAnna_vintage clock MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_butterfly 1, 3, butterfly overlay 1, blue bird, goth wings overlay MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_butterflyOverlay1 MagicalReality_Evelina_white brown branches, floral cluster, hanging gold clock, red rose 1,cracks 2, branches with leaves,, grapes 1, 4, clock 3 MagicalReality_PaintedBirds1 Mix-Pix_Box Winter Frame_11_dark


CJM Hiraeth 3, Inky M5 Inky Deals Lens flares Pixabay - above-the-clouds-691592 - woman-1754895 - landscape-1326390 - digital-media-1210944 - strauss-spring-1457994 - hall-1609571 - mountains-768515 - sunset

In Flowers

Cobly Files Kristina Full Tattoo Nudes (7 of 18) KPertiet_BotanistWorkbookNo2-4 Vector-Supply(24)-50 CJMInkDrops24 MRD_LoveUmama_E35, E1, E4, E72, E115 MagicalReality_SavAnna_rose overlay1, blue floral overlay, foliage1, orange butterfly2 jmadd_ARTANDnature_mixedmedia5, 2 water-png-783 popstk-roses1-002, 001 TangieBaxter_BoldyGo_Edges_2


MagicalReality_Evelina_BG15 CJMGothicWeb1 Colby Files Ariel nude floor poses (2 of 11) wynand-uys-544356-unsplash

I Do

sam-beasley-500154 on unsplash Daily Texture DT-DARK-WINTER-STORM (4) Unsplash margarida-csilva-63988 1 Inky deals stringlights 3 v2; 4, 5 MagicalReality_CastlesCracksOverlayPaper FrostedDrops_06_juliemead Inky Deals 100-lens-flare-effects 6, 99

Come to the Light Black Gold

Colby Files Ashlieya long white night gown (21 of 22) Colby Files Laura Nude Set Gels (Nudity Warning) (14 of 18) WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_p1 FS_enchantment_Background 11,butterfly 2 Autumn Leaves 11 FS_archaic_shell 8, moon 1, clock 2, swirl FS_Aura Lights MagicalReality_Imagination_Add_On_Kit_8, 19 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e4,e25, e26, e30, e33, e34 MRD_LoveUmama_E22


Colby Files Ariel ballet dancer poses (12 of 48) JillCatrinel_EtherealPaintedBackground04 Inky Deals Magic Lights 1, 13, 14, 18 Inky Deals Nuclear energy 16 Inky Deals Rainbow lights 2, 6, 7. 8, 10 Inky Deals Lights and Particles 19 feather overlay 1, 8

Burning Bright

Pixabay nature-3153615, tiger-3096135, lion-2885618 My textures

Broken Promises

FS_Diluting_Watercolor_Background 1 Katie Lynn Watercolour MultiPastel, Pastels&Texture 9075OAWA-WatercolourTexturesVol01-8 Inky Deals Golden Granule 30, 37 Inky Deals Lights and Particles 39, 47 Colby Files Michelle Gascoyne Portrait (26 of 43)

Before Time Flutters By

Colby Files Karla MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_blue roots, _butterfly wings1, _green script splatter, _floral overlay, _blue painted flower, _butterflyOverlay1, _butterfly Overlay1, _painted yellow-blue, _bird overlay1, Impressions2_E45, 57 MagicalReality_Evelina_clock1, _yellow butterfly MagicalReality_SavAnna_butterfly overlay, _purple flower MRD_LoveUmama_E115 KPertiet_FilmedOverlaysNo2-1 Grunge Elements 18, 19

Awaiting Spring

Colby Files Vanna Inked Beauty (9 of 17) Inky Deals - Polygonal Extrusion 11, - Starshine-Overlay-10, - waves 39; vol. 1 - 9; vol. 2 - 9 MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_IntoDarkness MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions _Florals1, _painted bird2, _butterfly wings1, 2_E14, _butterflyOverlay1, _pink watercolor flower, _floral overlay MagicalReality_SavAnna _painted rose, _foliage2, 10, _bird overlay, _pink flower3, brown flower 1 MagicalReality_Evelina _sparkles2, _red rose1, _branch, _branches with

Blooming Pixies

French Kiss Pompeii background Graphic Stock beautiful-ballerina-sitting-on-the-floor-in-ballet-class_BK_0YhTBi Graphic Stock DD-05142016-B07A7449 ballet point shoes My flowers, fractals

Forgotten Date

Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash 2photo-pots-407288 CJMGothicWeb1, 2 red-withering-rose-at-daytime-136347 copy 2 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e21, e62 My photo

Aylin Doma of Rhindia

Adobe Stock Enchanted Watercolor feather 2 Pexels young-woman-shooting-model-157661 Raw Exchange Brownz Toolbox tribal 21 RAWexchange_blood_77 My photos and fractals

But Once a Year

MagicalReality_DarkGrungeBG-bonus2 SueMastersonModels-08 My crow and fractals

Telluria colour

Colby Files Hannah Plant Vine Portrait (47 of 47) MagicalReality_GuardiansOfTheCastle_p12; _MysteriousTimes_metal butterfly; _SpringFlorals2e4; _ArtisticImpressions_painted bird1, _green splatter, 2_E30; _Evelina_berries overlay, _floral cluster, _floral overlay, _Autumn foliage10, 15, 16; _SpringFlorals2e7; _BlackWidow_foliage5, _ADD-ON_29 NaturesQuest_natureele_01_jmead Designer Candies Feather#2 Inky Deals Beetle-4, Feather 20 Pixel Buddah MANDALA_CIRCLE_71

The Bride

Inky Deals Lens Flare 123 So Nice Be Wild and Free 5 My photo and model

Half Remembered Dream 2

background from Unsplash Photo by Khachik Simonian-267133 SueMastersonModels-05 Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash-386001 Pixabay fractal-1352598 Pixabay crow-434749_1920 Pixabay carina-nebula-11189 david-moum-238279 on Unsplash My photo

Beside Myself in the Dark

background from Unsplash Photo by Khachik Simonian-267133 SueMastersonModels-05 Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash-386001 Pixabay fractal-1352598 Pixabay crow-434749_1920 Pixabay carina-nebula-11189 david-moum-238279 on Unsplash My photo


Jamari Lior 83 MagicalReality_SavAnna_rose overlay2 MagicalReality_Evelina_floral overlay, net MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions2_E14, E30 tbc_ww_accents_02, 03 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E72 FS_Enchantment_stars My fractals

Fairy Nebula

My photo, model and fractals


Photo by Enrico Carcasci on Unsplash -236917 DailyTexture_Ocean-and-Sea-13 Inky Deals Outer Space 1, 2, 3 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e 47, _e57


Colby Files Susie dramatic vibe looks (17 of 25) Hot Pixels Lighting2 Tree Branch PNG Tracey Hepfl Wright WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E3, E48 Autumn Leaves 27, 20, 18 Zeppelin graphics gold-metallic-41, 13 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E108 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e2, e73 Gold Washi Leaves_5 Tr_Tree 4, 5 rose petals overlay 2 FS_Enchantment_stars, bottle

Watcher of the Worlds

Colby files erin 568 Pexels angry-animal-big-carnivore-302304 My photos

Through a Glass Darkly

Marcella Beauty Set One - Blonde Wig Gloves (12 of 45) Design-Cuts-Fine-Art-Vignette-Texture Sublime-11 Oil and Water Abstracts 20130104-IMG_9763 Inky Deals Acrylic Overlay 3 Abstract Watercolor Texture (46) RAWexchange_Glass_003, 038

Star Lady

Northern-Night-Digital-Paper-Mix-Pix-Box 12 Inky Deals Colour waves 2 Pixabay orion-nebula-11001 Inky Deals Outer Space 3 nasa-53888-unsplash Inky Deals Blue Meteora 4 Colby Files Christina Beauty Looks (5 of 8) Build Interactive constellation-posters-version-3 Romantic_by_MixPixBox 12 Design-Cuts-Grungy-Textures-Hand-drawn-Festive-Vectors-Polygon-Shapes halftone-04

Rapture at Sea 2

Magical Reality Artisitic Impressions2 E24, 50 Raw Exchange Jamari Lior Stock 23, 33 My photos, fractals

On Wings

Download available on Etsy VikTory Ballet Dancer Nude Poses (43 of 63) MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_grunge overlay, red wings 2 MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions2_E23 MagicalReality_Evelina_blue butterfly MagicalReality_EnchantedBgs5 MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_DarkSplatter Rebecca_UrbonologyOne_EdgeOverlay4

Portia Hearts on Fire

Colby Files Portia_Beauty_(8_of_2) Wizard, Faerie, Abracadabra - Amanda Diaz Inky Deals Deep Space 17, Pixie Dust 37, Black Magic 7, Magic Lights 18 Designer Candies Satin Pattern 11 My fractals

Moon Watching

Kira Artistic Nude Poses (14 of 23) Raw Exchange old tree FS_enchantment_Background 11 DramaLights_04_juliemead MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_OldRuins3 My Photo

Moonlight Dreams

Colby Files Marcella Beauty Set One - Blonde Wig Gloves (12 of 45) MagicalReality_Imagination_Add_On_Kit_7 Vector14-4 Design Cuts Watercolour Abstract 10, 43, 54 FS Painted 2, 6 Abstract Set Watercolor8B Anja 9075OAWA-WatercolourTexturesVol01-9 TR_Watercolor 9 Eclectic Anthology storm-19, 21 Inky Deals liquid paint 11


My photo, model and fractals

La Boheme Starborn

Hot Pixels Awesome Backgrounds Stars 4, Cinematic 4 Rule by Art Marble 12, 19 Digital Space 202 shiny backgrounds, Digital space sparkling 9, 16 My photo, model and graphics

In Shadow Red

Colby Files Crissa No Makeup (9 of 67) Daily Texture DT-DARK-WINTER-STORM (1) 2LO Vanilla Cream 12 RebeccaMcMeen_UrbanInstilledElements_Collage RebeccaMcMeen_UrbanInstilledGrungescapes_1 RebeccaMcMeen_UrbanInstilled_RepurposedLightFixture_3 tangie_CompendiumNo1_GrungeCollages_1, 2 Designer Candies-general-purpose-grime-textures Scan 8FS_Sludgy 1 KPertiet_MultimediaBurstsNo2-1 MagicalReality_Evelina_BG2 MagicalReality_DarkGrungeBG-bonus2 MagicalReality_CastlesCracksOverlay1, 2

My Jovi, My Joy

My photos and model

Winter Angel

My photo and model


Photo by Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash olenka-kotyk-75206 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_e33,_e71, _e58, _e59, _e64 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E5, _E67, _E72 WinterQuest_Headdress_03_juliemead My photo, fractal

Fire Dancing

My fire and fractals CJM Firestorm 6, 7 Pexels woman-163360 chris-sabor-539456 on Unsplash Awake7-ColbyFiles-2

Fan Dance on a Cloud

75-Floating-Dust-Photo-Overlays-MixPixBox 25. 2. 22 Inky Deals 100 Glitter overlays 947, 73, 74, 96 Jill Catrinel Ethereal Painted Background 03 CJM Ice Shards 34 FS Aura Lights 7, 12, 13, 9 JVH Awake 10 - 3 Awake Watercolor 8B Awake Watercolor Magnolia 2, 26, 17 Awake 21 FS Petals 6, 5 My photo, model and graphics


Colby Files VikTory Ballet Dancer Nude Poses with Bamboo Pole (4 of 30) FS_enchantment_Background 6 MagicalReality_Imagination_Add_On_Kit_10 Watercolor feather 6 Watercolor abstract 6A FS_royal assent_moth Awake23_pheasant feathers 3, peacock feathers Awake21_Texture7509 Designer Candies Feather#1 Autumn Leaves 26 Inky Deals feather overlay 1, 5 Inky Deals Acrylic overlay 62 Abstract2


Pixabay chandelier-448719, chandelier-3080565 chandelier camille-kmile-151669-unsplash igor-ovsyannykov-530798-unsplash Photo by Jamison Riley on Unsplash redd-angelo-236774-unsplash luigi-colonna-351099-unsplash william-bout-264826-unsplash 1 Pixabay peeling-paint-514597 Pixabay woman fashion

Does Winter Wonder?

Jamari Lior Stock model 53 WintersQuest_AddOn_MagicalReality_p2,_e46, _e48, _e50 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_BG15 WintersQuest_MagicalReality_E4, E29, E47, E91, E121, E130 NaturesQuest_natureele_08_jmead Raw Exchange winggs3d001 Magic Reality Designs_LoveUMama_Backgrounds3 My snowflakes


ShiftArt DSC_4908, DSC_6536 CJM Ethereal1 beautiful-1867093_1920 fire-1899824_1920 Jamari Lior 61 hourglass-620397_1920 Inky Deals Black Magic 18, Color Spiral 20, Deep Space 30 My swan photo


Brownz Neowings wingsneuschraeg Brownz Neowingsv4Wings001, winggs3d009 CJMsmoke1 CJMGothicWeb1; Gothic Lights 1, 2; Gothic orbs 1, 2 mummy___7_by_mjranum_stock Deviant Art Jamari Lior 23, 60, 78 Tr_Tree 4, 6 david-moum-238279 on Unsplash Photo by Mélody P on Unsplash melody-p-455315 Textures-Patterns-Backgrounds-Ultimate-Bundle-Digital-Space 202 shine textures bonus 8, 10

Water to My Soul

My photo, model and textures

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