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One With the Ocean

Atmosphere_by_Marcela_Bolivar psychedelicate, melting sky
Inky Deals 100_Glitter_Effect_ Photoshop_ Overlays 24
My photos and fractals

Introducing myself...

Growing up with roots in farm and cottage country in Ontario, I always felt in touch with the natural world.  I also had a wild imagination, and spent more time day-dreaming, with my head in the clouds, than staying planted on solid ground, so’s to speak, so worlds of fantasy were where I lived much of the time.  My father was an artist - a real pencil-paint-pastel kind of artist, and I desperately wanted to be an artist, too.   Alas, I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life.  Notwithstanding, I did inherit his love of photography, and he encouraged me to pursue it when I could.

Fast-forward a whole bunch of years, and I found myself in the position of many amateur photo enthusiasts - with boxes full to overflowing with slides, thousands of slides - and wondering, “What now?”  While I embraced the digital age, and amassed a hoard of cyber-galleries, I didn’t begin to click with my inner artist until I enrolled in Photoshop Artistry, and started on a journey of learning grunge post-processing.

Since then, I have finally begun to peel back the layers to find the artist inside.  Digital post-processing is so unlike traditional art forms, and yet, it is rewarding beyond what I imagined.  I am challenged, have set-backs, dry spells, and successes, but I am driven to move forward, to learn, to improve, to branch out.  Every day is a gift from God.  I don’t want to waste a moment.


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