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One Sparrow
Grumpy Old Git
Flowers in the Desert
A Little Gentle Summer, Please
On the Run
Humbylbee Floribund

Solitude Whistling Kite 2016-03-13 (_MG_9750)-AJHaysom Rosie Woodland Walk Element 16 olivier-fahrni-268660-unsplash GTD_TEVUD_COLLAGE_04; GTD_TEVUD_COLLAGE_04 My image Bernie Tuffs (16) (41)


Superb Fairy Wren Male 2 by Dean Hohn Watercolor Grunge DT-HeadInTheClouds-5; CoastalCottage (2, 6, 10); EarthMagic (5, 10); CoastalCottage(9); LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS (1, 2) Rosie Woodland Walk Element 5 My feathers Roses_vintage_single Bonus Texture04 2LO Cinders 11 CJM Dry Ice9, 11 GTD_WHIMSICAL_VOL2_30


My images MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_Tall Grass DT-Experiments-Feb2019 (9); CoastalCottage (6), (10) Kaizen IMG_2291 NassyArt fog15

Autumn Wren

joshua-j-cotten-A0WeZaVxgyQ-unsplash DT-STARK-WINTER-10 DT-SunflowersInFall-6 Topaz and Nik


DT-EarthMagic (9) zdenek-machacek-FvTn9Dlv39A-unsplash DT-StoriesFromThePast (9) DT-Experiments-Feb2019 (2) Topaz and Nik


Pixelbuddha savanna-watercolor-clipart My texture


My photos IDSS elephant 7


MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E55, Part2_e90, Pt3_E83 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusementExtra_BGs 7, 1, 15 DesignBundles pink-and-gold_0030_ornament; background_0016_17; gold-steampunk_0010_keyhole; background_0018_19; gold-steampunk_0042_lace; Steampunk Elements (7) Woody PS Design Kit Chain3

Young Man of the Savannah

Blue Line Design metal texture 003 2LO Border Frames 2 DT-EXPLORATIONS (7) kk-3 Jessica Drossin Harper; Fog 1 Inky Deals Dusty overlay 23; smoke 30, 48, 52 Awake Animal IMG_5986; Nature P1130660 Designtnt-grunge-texture-6765 Holi Powder Textures ColorPowder-OnlyPowder-5, -6 Designer Candies fog 11, 12 CJMfog5; SandStorm1 FS_Awake10_Texture4; Cerella_Cloud 2LO Vanilla Cream 10

Melting Lion

Pixabay lion-3072184 Design Cuts Splatters-15 DC splat4 TR_Splatter 2 ericazwart-waterysplashesno4-1, 4, 7, 9, 14 40 Drip Brushes - DesignerCandies_26, 29, 36 JillCatrinel_EtherealPaintedBackground16 Fine Art III Modern Design Set 3 My backgrounds

Butterfly Garden

ArtistMef, Anna Aspnes, Catherine Wheel, LABFCreations, LCH, foxeysquirrel, Saskia, Pixelo, Inky Deals, Digital Curios, CJM, Designtnt, Octopus Art, 2 Little Owls

Butterfly Bliss

Anna Aspnes; Janine Van Holt; Floral Blues; Creativeqube; Dioflow; LABFCreations; THJ; GTD; Artist Mef; 2 Little Owls; Amanda Rockwell

Why Did I Say, “When Pigs Fly” black an

Pexel assets Inky Deals Pixabay assets Raw Exchange Rebecca McMeen

Why Did I Say, “When Pigs Fly”

Pexel assets Inky Deals Pixabay assets Raw Exchange

How Did I Get Here

How Did I Get Here? Pexel assets - beach-clouds-dawn-dusk-391522 - apartment-couch-cozy-decor-198272 - ocean-water-during-yellow-sunset-747016 - nature-bird-animal-fly-35060 - cliff-and-clouds-1650830

Come to Life

Made using Magical Reality Mother Earth kits and public domain text

One with the Earth and Sky

Pixabay -waters-3102729_1920 - cougar-275945_1920 - milky-way-2695569_1920 CJM Seraph13 CJMGeoTexture1 hue


Photoshopgrungeclass_13 FS Starry-Night-5, Confetti-9, Distressed-2 Inky Deals Floral-vector-illustration-322 ArtistMef 77

Cry to the Moon

Cry to the Moon Warm-Wishes-Christmas-Watercolors-Little-Magic-Box Back-5,-6 Christmas-Design-Pack-DIY by Switzergirl 14 Opia Designs Evergreen - Wintertide Collection background 5 Opia Designs Evergreen - Wintertide Collection moon2 Christmas-Mix-Pack-Mixpixbox snowy backgrounds Icicles_1 MixPixBox Snow_5

Rembrandt's Chicken

Download available on Etsy KPertiet_BotanistWorkbookNo2-1 GTD_GRUNGE_COLL_09, 16, 18 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E64 My photos

Any Port in a Storm

My photo GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_BG_16 MagicalReality_Evelina_BG11 CJMInfusion14 CJM_Worlds7 CJMAngelStone26 CJM_EchosOfGrunge15 CJM_Atmospheric4 AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteConfluence_ArtsyPaper2 FS_everly_background 6 DT-DARK-WINTER-STORM (1) Jessica Drossin Rain 8, 12

Above the Storm

Download available on Etsy My Photo Caroline Julia Moore's complete texture collection

Into the Storm

FS_Cailin_Background_3 FS_enchantment_Background 2 FS_Linen_Background 9 FS_Masked_Ball_Background_11 FS_Aura Lights My Photo

Amber and Dust

GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_BG_19 DT-DARK-WINTER-STORM (2) GTD_ALWHI_ADDON_BG_01 Jessica Drossin Fog2, 8 MagicalReality_GuardiansOfTheCastle_p6 MagicalReality_Imagination_Add_On_Kit_5 RAWexchange_liquids_051, 054 sam-bark-422820-unsplash vulture michael-baird-14936-unsplash vulture MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E135 My photos

I Am the Rainforest

CJMAlien 6, 45 orangutan-3342926_1920 parrot-2796766_1920 lake-792814_1920 jungle-601542_1920 waterfalls-916567_1920 zoo-3421930_1920 Designer Candies Foliage 1, ivy angle 2 RAWexchange_ ivy_176


CJMGradient13 lion-515028_1920 savannah-529560_1920 tree-3227869_1920 antelope-3200234_1920

Forest Child

CJMIceShards2 snow-1246199_1920 aurora-borealis-1181004_1920 fractal-1121073_1920 animals-2366978_1920 RAWexchange_de_21 nature-2634729_1920 forest-2964073_1920 white-2593328_1920 winter-landscape-2571788_1920 RAWexchange_Glass_003, 038 wolf-591791_1920 milky-way-2695569_1920 My Christmas ornament, fractals

Under His Wing

Eclectic Anthology dolphin 2 2LO Artist 30 Abstract Watercolour texture 45 2-divers-on-sea-ground-68767 My photos and texture

Molten Jungle

Pixabay sumatran-tiger-518771 CJMAlien40 Pixabay nature-3153615, tiger-3096135 My photo and textures Mixer Brush

Garden Spider

Inky Deals Bubble Overlay 99 My photo

The Hills Have Winter Eyes

CJMIceShards34 RAWexchange_Glass_003, 038 ama-dablam-2064522_1920 snow-leopard-1378691_1920 fairyland-canyon-1632749_1920 CJM snow overlays 4, 5 FS Let It Snow 1, 3, 8


Pexels animal-eyes-wolf-view-39310 Pexels white-feather-close-up-photo-89915 FS Into the Woods2, 10, 12, FS TR_Tree 4, 7 CJM Begrimed Warm11, Sybaritic 11 Blixa 6 Studios Watercolor dot patterns Watercolor_GoldenWheat, Murky Waters YellowPaintedWall1_Warm


Pixabay lion-1118467, african-lion-2888519, africa-2785723 maxime-niyomwungeri-455213-unsplash aliunix-542286-unsplash hans-veth-455525-unsplash My photo

Gassed Up

Pixabay peter-lloyd-372387 My photos

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