Colby Files Luxbot PNGtree elements Many processes

The Ride

My photo lone_apocalyptic___2_by_mjranum_stock_d35z6hm Inky Deals Foggy Overlay 172 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_metalBits7 designer candies skull BernieTuffsFrost Metal5, 9

With All Your Light

Colby Files Alanna-546 My fractals


My photos, graphics lightning-399853_1920 a atmosphere_by_Marcela_Bolivar lightstream texture 5 Pixabay road-train-1185254 mulch_r___4_by_mjranum_stock_d49h6gl (mulch_r___4_by_mjranum_stock_d49h6gl) zentai___y___3_by_mjranum_stock_d1q0m6k ( Rachel Irving dust and dirt Dust Megapack Textures death_bass__1_by_mjranum_stock_d4x4bkw ( Pngtree-steel barbed wire_4971105

Molten Sparks  and Dolphins

Colby Files Laura (85 of 280) 3D Space Background 3 tangie_OversizedOverlaysNo1_gold_Layer 3, 4 Inky Deals Lightning overlay 38, 43, 72, 74 Gold Watercolor 44 ODC liquid-gold_0000, 0001, 0002, 0003 My flames, fractals, wings, sparks


MagicalReality_AsLuckWouldHaveIt_E41 Rosie Haywood Element 8, 45, 60, 62 MRD_LoveUmama_E35 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E35, Pt3_E147 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_floral overlay, flower2 MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E32, 33, 106, 107 LavenderDesigns_MechanicalMadness_Elements Untitled-124 FS_Billas Touch_Flower 7, 8 FS_Pale_Flower_5 Design Bundles romantic flowers pattern 10

On the Run

My photos


wildfire-1105209 forest-272595_1920 cashel-4517709_1920 styggkarret-433688_1920 moon-2913221_1920 Magnificent Overlays Lightning Electric 16; Magnificent Overlays Lightning Lightning 20, 41, 42, 43, 51 DSC_8890 Gail Edwards-render 157 Ryleigh CJMFervent6, 8, 14, 26 azadeh-vampire dharwad-300862_1920


a_dream_of_flying___2_by_mjranum_d15cwt3; My lines and textures JuliePowell_Light Metal Plate 2015-05-13 09.21.03 JuliePowell_Smoke-8, 7 Pngtree-circuit board_1377961 Vector12-3, 4; Vector13-2; 25-02 CDT_Surreal_Dark-04

At the Station

My photos Pixabay train-2401406 photo-of-hawk-perched-on-a-tree-branch-2660619 TR_Cloud1, 2, 4 FS_Cloud9_cloud_3 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_lamp1, 2 Bernie Tuffs (11), (19), (51) Film Edge 9

My Precious

My photos, textures and models Pngtree-simple natural plant element design_3615078 2LO Color Storm 4 PhotoSerge-SkyandCloudsBrushes_06, 06 MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_oval gold frame lightning-399853_1920 b Magnificent Overlays Lightning Lightning 28


Afraid to Look Away

MagicalReality Mother Earth, Zaras Amusement, CU elements, Winter Fantasy, The Mist kits

Knight Time

My photos Digital-Space Shiny Background Bonus 3 Blue Line design Metal Texture 016 RadioMic_view1_big jmadd_urban5_brad2 ArtistMef Black Artistic Backgrounds Ink 26 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusementPt3_E127 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_ADD-ON_36 Pngtree winter tree branches bare decorative_4033350 Pngtree winter trees dead tree branches_4877511 ferry_by_kenglye CJMScratches5, 6 ericazwart-waterysplashesno4-8, 10, 14


My textures and images Colby Files Nicole_Renee_Jones_Studio_Shoot_(2_of_59) 2LO Deconstructed 3 Designer Candies smoke 7, 12, 15 Pngtree-c4d simulation realistic planet earth_4463119 Raw Exchange Neowings FoldedWings MRD_PeacefulWinter_white wing 2LO Summerville 18 Designer Candies water droplet 1, 3, 5, 8 water-png-792 Designer Candies 3D Metal Letters GTD_ASPTF_ALPHA 60_Natural_Sun_Light 45 pdpa Bar Blues background Luminar Tonality Meg BW Pack Film Texture 3 Tr_scratch Starshine-Galaxy-Overl


Created in Adobe Photoshop with my own abstract images and textures

The Wall

My images and textures TR_Cloud1 52-2018-No-32-FoxeySquirrel-Atlantis-Fish 8 Inky Deals bubbles 77, 86, 100, 105 52-2018-No-32-FoxeySquirrel-Atlantis-Fish 8 Inky Deals Night Sky Blend sphere Polar Vectors Colorful Space Vector Typography Universe background 1 JillCatrinel_EtherealPaintedBackground06

Aquatic Garden

My photos My fractals Pngtree-crab_2429461 Pngtree-water falling transparent background_1150316 a humpback-3989768 ball2_by_luckystock_dr0qw2 david-clode-IKFVzqVNGK0-unsplash puffer MRD_LoveUmama_E43 MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E42 Pngtree-bubble white blisters flying transparent_4030869 FS_Unsinkable_Bubbles 1 Pixabay model-2349038


My photos Pixabay turtle-2815539 grass_brushes_by_obscurelilium_d73dxu7 Pixabay shark-underwater-2747248 underwater_stock_17_by_evilhateyouallstock_d6f2z6p Pixabay summit-castle-3160924

Come Sail Away

My photos group-of-people-taking-picture-of-shark-1700656 lighthouse_island_3_by_fuguestock_d762adk Water Effect set 3 Pngtree - vector rope_93351, _933532 Pngtree - anchor_1548383 ship_png_by_jean52_db152do 27-279777_man-fishing TR_Cloud1 cloud brushes

Defiant Island

My photos oladimeji-odunsi-e-TuK4z2LhY-unsplash cristian-palmer-XexawgzYOBc-unsplash —Pngtree—isolate trees on white background,_3764487, _3584967 FS_Canvas 1, 3 Winter-Storms-7 DesignBundles-Plaster-Textures 15

Who Do You See_

My son's sketch of a skull Lavendar Dreams AdayintheLife, Forbidden, and LavenderDesigns_MechanicalMadness kits, as well as MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E84, MagicalReality_BlackWidow_ADD-ON_36, MagicalReality_AsLuckWouldHaveIt_E62, E71, E93, MagicalReality_ZarasAmusementExtra_BGs13, and mirror by aleksander-vlad-aN_L8EIyqOs-unsplash


MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E55, Part2_e90, Pt3_E83 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusementExtra_BGs 7, 1, 15 DesignBundles pink-and-gold_0030_ornament; background_0016_17; gold-steampunk_0010_keyhole; background_0018_19; gold-steampunk_0042_lace; Steampunk Elements (7) Woody PS Design Kit Chain3

Faery Fae

My photos FS_Into_The_woods_12; TR tree 4, 5 Pngtree-night_5054269 stars MRD_PeacefulWinter_white branches


MagicalReality_ZarasAmusementExtra_BGs4 Cygnus Loop Nebula Nasa Pngtree metal liquefaction balance scales illustration_3836369 Dioflow Abstract-Paint-Remix_Vol-01_25; Abstract-Paint-Toolbox_04_COLOR; BrushStrokesBurgundy_19 Pngtree night_5054269 stars MRD_LoveUmama_E71 stars Inky Deals Starry Night 7 Photo of me

Dropped Off

My photos Penny_Chest-6 FS_Renaissance_Candle Inky Deals realistic smoke overlay 8

Bride Interrupted

Colby Files Elley_(50_of_72) Pngtree—chair_48623 My photos Textures - Bernie Tuffs (71), (98); 2LO Vaudeville 9


get_yer_kicks__j_17_by_mjranum_stock_d5a0xkr FS_Into_The_woods_8 PNGtree My photos Inky Deals Pixie Dust Color Collection 10, 19, 32, 36 FS_Linen_Fish 3; Enchantment_Background 11 2LO Chestnut 6; Everett 6


My photos 2LO Festive 7; Passages 12

You Shall Not

My photos Inky Deals Black Magic 18, 30; Web waves 01; Electron Orbs 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 Textures - Bernie Tuffs (26) (68); Design Cuts Mercury-Glass-3

Now I Lay Me Down to Weep

My photos, foxeysquirrel, pixabay, Caroline Julia Moore, Faery Design, Jamari Lior, Amanda Diaz, Inky Deals, Julie Mead, Jessica Drossin

Third Angel

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky Rev 8:10a Resources from Inky Deals, foxeysquirrel, Magical Reality, Unsplash, 2 Little Owls, Faery Design, Raw Exchange, PhotoSerge

Skull Duggery


Against the Dark

ShiftArt Assets Pixabay Assets Unsplash Assets Inky Deals Magical Reality Designs CJM Textures

Drops of Djupitr

My fractals, plasma ball, hair brushes, stars and spheres Colby Files Erin 568 3D space background 7 FS_Messy_Overlay_4 FS_Corroded_Overlay_1 GTD_FHTE_BG_01


My model; Colby Files Vik-tory; My fractals; FaeryDesign_Fractals 25; Fractal Graphics 327; Artist Mef flare 4; MagicalReality_BlackWidow_CarnivalMask2; My background

Tickety Talk

My photos CJM_Molten Set1 Preview MagicalReality_AsLuckWouldHaveIt_E93 MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions2_E49 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_net1, 2, _ADD-ON_42 petals, _foliage4 MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_black vine MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E134 MagicalReality_SavAnna_foliage2 MagicalReality_Evelina_clock2, hanging gold clock girl-237871_1920 GTD wm-vmch-hand 5, 14, 22, 26 FS_Clocks_and_Locks 9

Spring Lies Sleeping

My Photo and model Flowers from Dioflow EvgeniiasArt-Part4element_watercolor_5 designtnt-christmas_kids_and_animals-vector ArtistMef real snow overlay 5, 18 Inky Deals Christmas photo overlay 2 A-Woodland-Christmas-Graphic-Set wash2, 4 BranchyGreeneryGeometricFrames_07 MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_roots overlay MagicalReality_BlackSwan_E5 MagicalReality_Evelina_blue branches quentin-dr-170287-unsplash owl shaojie-1143043-unsplash bunny rabbit

Old Stuck Truck

Truck from Botanical Gardens in Knoxville, TN.

Draw Me a Dream

Draw Me a Dream MWeber_8.5x11_300dpi_FE06 MagicalReality_SavAnna_garden overlay GTD_ATLT_EL_48 MagicalReality_SavAnna_photomask2 LayerFS_Billas Touch_Paper 5 swan MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E83 horse My Blue Child GTD_NTS_RR_EL_12 ribbon, _92 pen Greta Ivy vintage-paper25 Awake10_2LO 50 MagicalReality_Evelina_cracks2 MagicalReality_BlackWidow_clock2 MagicalReality_ZarasAmusement_PT1_E135 TR_Splatter 63 My paint line GTD_ATLT_EL_03 MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_heartDoodle1 MagicalRe

Island in the Sky by Day

Inspired by Oblivion by George Christakis - Shift Art Photoshopgrungeclass_06 background Pexels agriculture-backyard-close-up-day-296232 MagicalReality_Evelina_branch, branches 1, 2 Eclectic-Anthology storm 8 Hot Pixels Plexus Background 2 MixPixBox dust overlay 55 My own photos

Free to Roam at Night

Inspired by Oblivion by George Christakis - Shift Art Photoshopgrungeclass_06 background Pexels agriculture-backyard-close-up-day-296232 MagicalReality_Evelina_branch, branches 1, 2 Eclectic-Anthology storm 8 Hot Pixels Plexus Background 2 MixPixBox dust overlay 55 My own photos


Made using various Magical Reality elements

Will You Remember Who I Was?

ShiftArt Challenge

Magic Mist

Made using Foxey Squirrel's Strangeness kit

Something in My Eyecan't See

Graphic Stock eye zkdr Squ FrostedDrops 03A, 08A, 08 juliemead My photos and fractals


Photo by nic on Unsplash Photo by mike-wilson-263697 on Unsplash CJMTexture2 SueMastersonModels-06 Photo by Catherine McMahon on Unsplash theo-roland-410842 Photo by nic on Unsplash Vector Graphic set 13 2 Water Texture Awake img_0266 Anja 9054OAWABRTX Bubbles & Splatters 04 Design-Cuts-Glitter-Patterns-Watercolour-Paper-Textures-Splatters splat 4 WatercolorPNGsByFoxeySquirrel Painted 6 maya_cu_writtenword_11 My photo

We Are Not Alone

RAWexchange_CGI_room01_backlight_mid RAWexchange-SciFi-Fighter-18 RAWexchange_groundFog_047 RAWexchange_blood_89 Raw Exchange cambot02 Raw Exchange blue2 RAWexchange_Glass_038, 003 RAWexchange_groundFog_060 Inky Deals black blood 4 Inky Deals blood 55 Inky Deals Fire Entity 17 Raw 7 splat SplatterCanvas1, 2 michael-fenton-509189-unsplash broken glass My photos and fractals Order number:

Jelly Splosion 2

Filters My photos

My Forest - My Rules

MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_Vivid glow agnesingap_paper_CU_vol78 (2) Pixel Buddah -Arctic Frost Textures 6 -Woodland Ravens Field 2, 3, wreath -Woodland Ravens textures 1, 8 -Spectral Microworld Shapes 9 -Watercolor Deer nasa-43980, 53881-unsplash Photo by jessy-paston-127537-unsplash MRD_LoveUMama_Backgrounds8 Design Cuts Beautiful-Watercolor-Butterflies-Knopazyzy Butterfly 3 My photo and model

Come...See.... copy

Pixabay venice-2881866 Inky Deals liquid paint 5, 100_Glitter_Effect CJMIceShards10 Nkate Pastel Painted Background astract-pastel-19 Photoshopgrungeclass_03, _15 Feather and Sage modern Fluid 003 Course Abstract4 Vintage-Lace-Borders-Edges-5-Eclectic-Anthology lace(5)-2 202 Shiny Backgrounds Flame and Lightning 13 Holiday-Extravaganza-Bundle-Jim-Le-Page Marbleize_05 2LO Ancient1 - 2 FragileSpheres_05_jmead My photo


Filters My photos

Feather Jelly

Filters My photos

Bokeh Jelly

Filters My photos

Edgy Jelly

Filters My photos


My graphics

Abstraction 1

My graphics

Abstraction 7

My graphics

Abstraction 5

My graphics

Abstraction 6

My graphics

Junk Yard Dog

My photos

A Star is Born

ColbyFiles-13 VikTory My HUD My fractals

Time Keeper

Raw Exchange Brownz Toolbox Eve 2, 11, 12, Helmet 02_02 Inky Deals 100-lens-flare-effects 48, 80, 60_Natural_Sun_Light 45 FS_Awake10_Texture6, 11 My photos, fractals, model

Nanny in the Nursery

Sue Masterson Models Set 3-4 Magical Reality SavAnna papers dark cracks 1 Magical Reality SavAnna dresser 1 Pexels adorable-beautiful-blur-boy-208101 little clown My models and photos

Halo inspired 1

ShiftArt assets Halo toys photoa by Jason Hahn Cisco Textures JPEG Files by Brian Matiash speckled My fractals

Blast Point Blue

Download available on Etsy My photos and fractals

Blast Point red

Download available on Etsy My photos and fractals

Selfie copy

CJMGradient6 CJMGothicWeb1 milky-way-2695569_1920 gleise-1555348_1920 railway Pixabay lightning-399853_1920, -342341_1920 RAWexchange_liquids_024 MagicalReality_CastleCracksOverlay6 abstract-2616969_1920 fire fractal-1118515_1920 man-1848960_1920 Pexels arm-biceps-fingers-hand-459948 castelmezzano-1979546_1920 My cracks

Wait for It...

CJMGradient6 CJMGothicWeb1 milky-way-2695569_1920 gleise-1555348_1920 railway Pixabay lightning-399853_1920, -342341_1920 RAWexchange_liquids_024 MagicalReality_CastleCracksOverlay6 abstract-2616969_1920 fire fractal-1118515_1920 Pexels lake-black-55529 girl My cracks

Jelly Invasion

My fractals

Have You Seen My Dad?

FS_Aura Lights 10 Designer Candies orb 1_blue Raw Exchange cambot01 guy-roberts-101158-unsplash andreas-berlin-202871-unsplash tim-de-groot-105620-unsplash Lens flare 36 My night sky

From Boxes to Fractals butterfly

My fractals

And If The Forests Should Die...

OSR textures 0242 Magic reality artistic impressions dark concrete MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions2_E50 FrostedDrops_04A_juliemead MagicalReality_ArtisticImpressions_painted Leaves 1, 2, 6 My photo and model

Night Visitor

My fractals

Fractal Rose

My fractals

Behold the Glory

My photo and fractals

Mushroom Magic

My photos and graphics

La Luna Roja copy


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