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Castle Grimm
City City
Life is Hard
Bridge of Dreams
I Dreamed of You
On the Left
Autumn Field
Almost Still
A Walk in the Woods

My photo Cruzine Colorful Paint IMG_5983, IMG_4176


My photo alex-shutin-uhn-U0sSxFQ-unsplash Many filters

Winter Creek

My photo SilentBeauty_SoftSnow_01_juliemead element_watercolor_25 Winter Frame_3

City Lights, Pretty Lights

My elements and photos MagicalReality PNG Tree foxeysquirrel Summer_Tropical_Girls_PrettyLittleLines


Parsonage My Image Fine Art III foliage arock_CUbrushclusters2 (5) PNGtree dandelions FS_Cloud9_cloud_3, _4 birds_07_png_stock_by_selunia_d9ejfo0 TUAJC_decorativepaint_01, _05, _19_juliemead 2LO Adventurer 7 2LO Ashbury 4 Post production in Topaz Studio 2 and ColorEfex Pro 4

Dedlock House

MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_El159 MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_BG46 MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_El66 MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_FREE_e12 MagicalReality_ForbiddenPlace_El100

Pining for God's Country

My photos Creme & Rose Watercolor Set Stem 3, 11 39 Plant Flower Illustration Vol. 3 Common Grass of Parnassus Creative Market Watercolor-Forest-Plants plants_0018_19 AsiaImages2 Nepal_rooftop_flute_man AsiaImages2 Thai_beach_boat Clouds by foxeysquirrel Kelvin Serge Light-Rays-21 Blue Line Ice Texture 11, Metal Texture 3 DealFuel Old Paper Background 4, Romantic Bokeh 10

Serenity Pond

My photo Aquarelle brushes Glitter-Patterns-Watercolour-Paper-Textures-Splatters splat 4 TR Splatter 45, 46 Watercolor portrait press Paper Texture Background Eclectic-Anthology-agate-14 Artist Mef Pastel Watercolor 1

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men

My photo Topaz filters

The Farmer's Wife

My Photo meg-sanchez-75915- Unsplash ericka-leigh-1413746- Unsplash FS Passages 2

Rain on the Pier

Rain on the Pier Sometimes, we just need the rain. My photos 2LO Wild Paint 25 2LO Border Frames 1, 9 Kelvin Designs lightning Cream and Rose Peach wash 2 Jessica Drossin Rain 2 Distressed Watercolor Drama Base


Photo by nic on Unsplash  Photo by mike-wilson-263697 on Unsplash CJMTexture2 SueMastersonModels-06 Photo by Catherine McMahon on Unsplash theo-roland-410842 Photo by nic on Unsplash  Vector Graphic set 13 2 Water Texture Awake img_0266 Anja 9054OAWABRTX Bubbles & Splatters 04 Design-Cuts-Glitter-Patterns-Watercolour-Paper-Textures-Splatters splat 4 WatercolorPNGsByFoxeySquirrel Painted 6 maya_cu_writtenword_11 My photo

City City

GTD_GRUNGE_COLL_BG_02 Emine Gayiran Big Ben tangie_CompendiumNo1_GraffitiCollages_1, 4 MagicalReality_CityOverlays_2, 3, 9 MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_blue green overlay MagicalReality_MysteriousTimes_entrance overlay Network Rule by Art 01, 19 RebeccaMcMeen_UrbanInstilled_RepurposedLightFixture_5 Tr_scratch Kelvin umbrella-handle, umbrella-photo


Pixabay - city-1209105_1920 - moon-3704285_1920 CJMSciFi1 CJM Seraph13 CJMGeoTexture1

Dark City

img-ly-394550-unsplash cityscape MagicalReality_AldeRose_E81

In the Woods

My photos Topaz filters

Sunrise Barn

My photos Topaz Impression Pixabay brown-cow-in-green-leaf-grass-during-daytime-51950 GTD_TEVUD_COLLAGE_04 part

Barn with Orange Tree

My photo Topaz Filters

Barn It All

Download available on Etsy My Photos Topaz filters

Run Aground

Download available on Etsy Magical Reality Artisitic Impressions2 E24, 50 My photos, fractals

The Island

JVH-Awake1-DigitalPapers1, 8, 9 Inky Deals 250 sky overlays 84 My photos

Pier watercolour 1

Filters My Photo

Mushroom Magic

My photos and fractals

Tunnel Vision

Filters My photo

Beach Sunset 1

Hilton Head, S.C. Filters My photo

Beach Sunset 2

Hilton Head, S.C. Filters My photo

They Had Horses

Filters My photo

Old Doors for Giants and Little People

Filters My photo

No Handle

Filters My photo

No Girl Guide Cookies Here

Filters My photo

Coastal Green

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Church in the Meadow

My photos and textures

Palm 1

Eclectic Anthology dolphin 2 2LO Artist 30 Abstract Watercolour texture 45 2-divers-on-sea-ground-68767 My photos and textures

Supermoon Sunset

My photos

Peggy's Cove Dream

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Field and Fence

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Darkly Darkly

Jolly Roger, Grand Cayman Filters My photo

The Quiet Side

Filters My photo

Storm at Dusk

Filters My photo

Spruced Up

Filters My photo

Sand Dollar

Filters My photo

Reflection 1

Reflection by Gary Henderson Filters

Peggy's Cove Quiet

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Home by the Ocean

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Flowers and Fences

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Creepy Asylum

Knoxville Tennessee Filters My photo

After the Harvest

Filters My photo

Storm at the End of the Tunnel

Filters My photo

Rain Coming

Filters My photo

Pooh Sticks

When our kids were little, they used to throw sticks into the creek at the end of the lake, and run to the other side to watch them come through. Like Pooh and Piglet did. Since then, we have always called playing in the water with sticks off the side of a bridge, Pooh Sticks. thomas-griesbeck-149034 ahmed-saffu-307321 woody ps design painted1 Design cuts Starry-Night-5, 6 My photos

Obscured Freedom

Nova Scotia Filters My photo

Memories of Autumn on Frosted Pumpkin

Filters My photo

Forgotten Green

Filters My photo


Filters My photo

Fence in a Haystack

Filters My photo

Being Green

Filters My photo

Fence and Field
The Road
Mountain Sunset

Filters My photos

Welcome Fall
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